We invested over $20M
in research and development

At the heart of all Aires products is a silicon based patented Aires
microprocessor - a fractal diffraction matrix that triggers the
forward and inverse Fourier transformation of the
electromagnetic radiation it interacts with.

Nanotech Microprocessor

The Aires Microprocessors are manufactured with precision using a photomasking etching process on state of the art Microlithography equipment. The etched nano-slits are made to exact width specifications of 0.4 microns and depth of 0.8 microns, more than 200 times smaller than average human hair width of 100 microns. The result is unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of the microprocessor.


83521 circular etchings
16 fractal vectors


707281 circular etchings
28 fractal vectors


1185921 circular etchings
32 fractal vectors

Circular Diffraction Lattices

The new product lineup utilized 3 distinct Microprocessors. With increased complexity of the circular diffraction lattice the effectiveness is increased.

Patented technology

Aires Tech holds eleven patents that prevet product relication. Verified by Trent University and other recognized institutions. 6 international awards for technological innovation.

Independently tested
and proven effective

Aires products have been the subject of many research papers
and studies proving effectiveness. Among this list is a recent
research paper "Case Study: Effect of Radio Frequency Radiation
(RFR) and the Aires Defender Infinity" by Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc,
Ph.D. conducted at Trent University.